Milice de Nouveau Bordeaux

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Site of New Bordeaux Church
Site of the New Bordeaux Huguenot Church established in 1764

The New Bordeaux Militia was formed shortly after the arrival of the Huguenot colonists in 1764 to protect the colony from possible Cherokee attacks.  The original commander was Daniel Due, but he was succeeded shortly by Jean Louis du Mesnil de St. Pierre.  His Lieutenant was named Leorion, probably Pierre Leorion, and the Ensign was "Le Violette" (Mathew Béraud), who had previously served in the army of the King of France.  Béraud succeeded St. Pierre after his death shortly before the Revolution. 

They participated in the capture of Fort Charlotte on July 12, 1775 with Jean Louis du Mesnil de St. Pierre as second in command.  During the siege of Ninety Six in November of 1775, Company 8 of the South Carolina Militia as commanded by Mathew Béraud, and may have been all or in part the original militia company from New Bordeaux.  The Militia participated in numerous actions in 1779 including the Siege of Savannah.  It was during this action that Mathew Béraud was killed.  He died on October 9 after serving only 27 days as Captain on horseback.  No records indicate that there was any additional loss of life to the New Bordeaux unit.  Joseph Bouchillon was the next Captain.and served as such until the unit was disbanded in May of 1782.

While the unit was not formed until 1764, which is after the French and Indian War was over, at least one member of the militia can be confirmed as having served during that time with the Army of France.  Since it is the desire of this unit to participate in events representing the French and Indian War, the recreated unit will be considered to a militia unit of New France for those events.  For events during the period of 1764 until 1782, the unit will be South Carolina Militia.

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