The Tennis Grand Slam links on this page are maintained by IBM. Someone there must like tennis as much as I do. The Java applet scoreboards give the current score on all courts on which matches are being played. If only one match is in progress, such as in the semifinals, then the update if almost real time. Even though these tournaments may not be in progress, you can still visit the sites and browse or shop. Each link will open a new browser page.

The Four Majors

Australian Open

"Australian Open"

Roland Garros


U.S. Open

You can also find scores at the following sites:

Yahoo Scoreboard - Tennis

CBS SportsLine - Tennis

The Southern Section of the USTA is head quartered in Atlanta, GA, and maintains a very good web site. All USTA sanctioned tournaments in the South are listed there. If you live in the South and play tennis then take a look.

USTA - STA Home Page

The North Carolina Tennis Association can be found at:


And the USTA web site can be accessed below:

USTA Home Page

And if you are looking for tennis racquets, shoes, clothes, bags, string, or most anything else, this is a site where you can find it. And the prices are good.

Holabird Sports

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