The Battle Of Cowpens

The Battle of Cowpens was fought on January 17, 1781. On or about that weekend every year the National Park Service comemerates the battle with a demonstration of the weapons, tactics, and life style of that period. It is not a reenactment, since no attempt is made to recreate the battle itself, but rather it is to instruct the visotors in the life and times of the Colonial period. Each participant is knowledgeable in his particular specialty and is more that happy to take time to discuss it with any and all visitors. There is a ceremony on Saturday where wreaths are laid on the battlefield monument by various societies dedicated to that period. Behind the spectator area is a visitors center and theater, where a film is shown on a regular basis which includes a reenactment of the battle, as well as further explanations the Revolutionary period. There is a gift shop with speciatly books of the period which are very detailed and informatative, and may be somewhat difficult to locate elsewhere.

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A Colonial blacksmith demonstrates his craft.



A Colonial Regimental Flag.



The encampment. The Reenactors live there for the weekend, regardless of weather.



Another view of the encampment. It was much larger than the pictures display.



A craftsman working in pewter displays his craft. He cast pewter molds on the site.



His wife finishes the pewter wares by removing the casting marks and creating a good finish.



The procession to the monument begins.



The procession continues.



Another craftsman is creating powder horns.



Some more examples of his wares.



And more.



The Colinial Militia forms for a firing demonstration.



The Militia forms in front of the spectators for a close up inspection of their equipment.



One of the "Over the Mountain" men demonstrates the difference between the rifle and the musket. It was these men, rather than the Colonials or the Militia, which defeated Ferguson at Kings Mt. the year before.



A final firing demonstration.



There is also a candlelight tour of the battlefield on Saturday Night that is well worth seeing. The only limiting factor is the January weather.

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