A Battle At Camden
(rather that the Battle of Camden).

The Colonial Camp. The Continentials are forming for the attack.

A skirmish line of British troops is formed. In the foreground are the Hesse-Kassel Jaëgers. In the background is the Kershaw House.

The skirmishers fall back and a line of battle is formed. The light infantry is in the foreground and the massed units of heavy infantry are closer to the Kershaw House. The entire British line is under fire from the Colonial skirmishers, who are still in the distance.

The fire fight continues and the British begin to take casualties.

Massed units of Colonial Heavy Infantry appear on the field.

The British line under fire.

The Colonial line engages the British.

The Colonials advance

Colonials firing in front of the Kershaw House.

In the end, the Colonials overran the British camp and sacked it. The British line held the field and the Colonials withdrew to their encampment. That's the way is was, Novenber 8, 1998.